Sunday, 11 January 2015

2015 Goals

Good afternoon! Hope you're all having a fun filled Sunday. We're about to head out to test the walks to Boy#1's schools. He is starting in September and we're moving tomorrow (more on that later) but before we go I thought I'd jot down my new years resolutions while I'm waiting for my boyfriend to get ready. So here they are:-

Be more organised - in all areas. My own mess and disorganisation annoys me!

Meal plan to avoid wasting food and use my slow cooker more

Try more new products

Have a date night with my boyfriend atleast once a month

Make more 'me' time (this blog is a good start on this one)

Go for more walks

Speak to and see my friends & family more often - I'm amazed how quickly the days can turn into months & sometimes years!  

And my very final one is to keep this blog going!

I'll check back on this post through out the year to see how I'm doing.

What are everyone else's resolutions?

Saturday, 10 January 2015

DIY gel nails 'Nutra Nail - Gel Perfect'

A while back I bought Nutra Nail - Gel Perfect in the hope of finally having nails which wouldn't look terrible after 48 hours and below is the result after SIX hours...

Not impressed is an understatement! It is so rigid that the slightest flex in my nail sent parts of the varnish flying and I have been finding bits of it everywhere.

The instructions and application is easy and simple and it sets super fast which means you can just get on after a few minutes. This is great for me as every time I paint my nails I instantly need the loo or get the most irritating itch known to man! 

I was so impressed and the finish has a gorgeous high shine, wet look... but then I tied Boy#1's shoes an hour later and that's when I noticed the first part had come off. 

Six hours later - we'd only been out to his football lesson and to meet friends lunch - my nails are wrecked! Will not be using, and certainly not buying, this again!

This is not (hopefully) just a new year's resolution

Hello & welcome to my new adult space - it's not new as I actually set this account up a long time ago but now I'm finally making use of it! I suppose it's my New Year's resolution but this one I have every intention of sticking with!... I will... seriously...

So this is my space (feels good when you're a mum to say that!) to share my loves, loathes and laughs. I hope my ramblings are not too boring and who knows, I may even give you a little giggle (even better if it's a full blown belly laugh - you know the kind I mean!). If you find you're enjoying my ramblings please get in touch. I'd love to hear from you!

To give you a little insight into what you may find on future posts I'll start by sharing a few of my loves and loathes I mentioned before. Now this are off the top of my head so bare with me...

I LOVE... 

Playing with our boys. They are two gorgeous bundles of energy that love nothing more than to keep me busy! 

Relaxing (I think I just about remember what that's like...) with my boyfriend, friends & family 

Bargains. Come on now, be honest, who doesn't?!

Learning new... anything really 'everyday's a school day!'

Crafting. Cannot beat handmade, upcycled and loved. which leads nicely on to my final one for now...

Redecorating and redesigning our home - much to my boyfriend's annoyance sometimes. I have actually moved the living room round one night when I'd had a little too much coffee too late in the day! Wish I'd seen his face the next morning

I loathe..
4 wheel upright suitcases. Do you know the type I mean? The person walks next to them... I have no idea why they bother me so much. When I used to travel quite often, it was an issue I had to face daily but I've never got over it!

People talking into their phone while it's on loud speaker as they walk down the road...just why?!

Minimum spend on a card. "No I do not want to buy that bag of toffees/lip balm/pen to make up the difference." "There's a charge if I don't?" "OK I have it" Grrrr!

On that note I will leave this post there as I have actually come up with my first 'topical' post! See you on the other side...